Pargetting, Parge-work, Parget-work, Parging

The Art of Ornamental or Decorative Plastering.

Pargeting is the traditional art of decorative or ornamental plastering . Pargeting is a form of bas relief (low relief) or wall sculpture. Written records suggest that the craft has been practised since the time of Henry V111 in the 15th century, and reached its zenith in the 17th century. Unfortunately, no pargeting exists from pre-Elizabethan times. Later examples can still be found throughout the country; most frequently, but not exclusively, on timber framed buildings. Today it is mainly found in the Eastern counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, although isolated examples can be seen elsewhere

Famous examples are ‘The Ancient House’, Ipswich, Suffolk; ‘Bishop Bonner’s Cottage’, Dereham, Norfolk; ‘The Ancient House’, Clare, Suffolk; 'The Sun Inn’, Saffron Walden, Essex.

The decoration, using lime plaster, can be applied to both exterior and interior walls, chimney breasts and ceilings. Designs are traditionally incised, combed, moulded, stamped or modelled freehand.

Joe Pattison is a freehand pargeter and also designs and makes bespoke free-standing pargeted panels.

If a building is unsuitable for traditional pargeting because of construction method or listing status etc., then a free-standing panel could be the answer. Depending on size and situation, the panel can be fixed and pargeted in situ or completed in the workshop and fixed in place when finished. (You can also take it with you if you move!)

Each panel is made entirely by hand, using traditional techniques and materials. The frame is made from either new or reclaimed oak and incorporates oak laths to support the plaster. Your chosen motif, whether a traditional theme (foliage, flowers, hare, pheasant, green man etc.) or personal design ( family crest, pet etc.), is modelled completely freehand in lime plaster, thus ensuring that no two pieces can be the same. The work is finished with at least five coats of lime wash to protect it.

Enquiries about pargeting and panels to :

Joe Pattison,
FJP Designs,
Tudor Cottage, Nethergate St.
Hopton, Diss, Norfolk
IP22 2QZ
Tel : 01953 681558

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